Irma Laliashvili (that would be me, writing in the third person) is a Georgian-Armenian-American journalist, writer and editor. She holds a B.A. in Journalism with a focus on Magazine Journalism and a minor in Creative Writing from Metropolitan State University of Denver. In the near future, she hopes to continue her graduate studies. In the past, Irma worked as an independent writer and editor for various print and online outlets, including Metro Post-Telegraph, as a feature writer, Odyssey, as a contributing writer, and The Metropolitan, as a copy editor. She is currently on the lookout for a part-time position in the publication industry.

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Irma’s primary journalistic interests lie at the intersection of writing and editing, digital media, and photojournalism, particularly within areas involving fashion, the arts, culture, travel, women’s issues, human rights, and mental health. Irma also has a background in fashion marketing, fashion design and merchandising management from The Art Institute of Colorado.

She is a storyteller at heart, and uses the written word to share the stories everyone should hear. She values compassion and kindness, and those traits drive her mission to promote human connection through her work. Irma is eager to further develop her multimedia skills to foster her interest and specialization in using storytelling, writing, digital media and photojournalism to produce content that promotes both truth and understanding not only within the fashion industry but as well as, complex cultural issues.

Irma was born in Republic of Georgia, has lived in Russia and Europe, speaks fluently English, Russian, Armenian, and a little bit of French and Georgian.

A former Coloradan, Irma now lives in North Carolina with her husband, their son, and Laika/German Shepherd puppy named Milla.

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Interested in working together? Have a story idea? Tips? Suggestions? Irma is always interested in bettering her skills as a writer and an editor. Click here to get in touch.

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Tea Time with Irma is a reader-supported publication: covering fashion, art, culture, travel, women’s issues, human rights and mental health by Irma Laliashvili - a Georgian-Armenian-American freelance journalist and writer.


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